All my life, I've wanted to a writer. Even as a child, my sister claims all I ever did was
sit in my closet and scribble in a notebook. Now, I concede the scribbling part, but not
the closet part! Why would I need to sit in my closet when I had a perfectly good desk?
In any event, I won my first writing contest when I was seven, and I was hooked!

I married young, and soon had three wonderful little boys running around the house, so
writing took a backseat for several years as I worked a variety of jobs that I hated. Once
I started seriously pursuing a writing career, I found it was not as easy as I had
expected, and I was not the prodigy I had imagined. But I joined a writer's group, and
made a ton of writing friends along the way who showed me the error of my ways and
unselfishly helped me get a little better.

By the time I sold my first book in 2006, I'd already been at this for over ten years and
was about ready to give up. Rejection is hard!!! But holding that first book in my hands
made it all worth it!

Now my sons are all grown up, and two of them have babies of their own, so I now have
all the time in the world to devote to telling the stories that just won't let me sleep. Hope
you enjoy them!



2006 CAPA Best First
Book - Mail Order Bride

2005 Rebecca - The
Black Orchid

2003 Merritt - The Wager

2003 Golden Opportunity
- American Heiress (Best
of the Best)

2001 Paul Gillette -
Somebody's Hero

2000 Golden Heart -
Once A Pirate (Nobody's

1998 Heart of the West -
Somebody's Hero
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