The American Heiress
Michael Blake, a straight-laced English nobleman, desperately needs to marry an heiress.
When he finds out that his intended bride -- and her much needed dowry -- have been romanced
away from him by his own brother, he is forced to turn to the only other great heiress on the
Emma Marks is an American adventuress who has spent the last seven years traveling the world
-- a bargain she made with her father in exchange for her promise to marry a titled aristocrat by
the time she's twenty-five. Can Emma help Michael deal with the ghosts of his past? And can
Michael show Emma that she doesn't need to travel the world to be happy because love is the
greatest adventure of all?
Excerpt - Chapter One
A hint of mischief lurked behind Lord Basingstoke's smile as he stepped aside to allow another man to enter the box.

Viscount Sherbourne. As though Emma's interest had summoned him, he stood before her in all his golden glory, a
sinfully beautiful man with the face of an angel.

Jane recovered quickly from her surprise and graced both men with a gentle smile. “Lord Basingstoke. Lord
Sherbourne. May I present Miss Emma Marks of New York City?”

“It's a pleasure to meet you, my lords.” Emma rose and extended her hand. She tried to exude as much grace and
dignity as possible. Her father had spent a fortune to insure her manners and bearing were fit for a queen, but she
always worried that those who'd come from generations of wealth and privilege would see through her façade.

Sherbourne stepped forward. He cut an elegant figure in his finely tailored black evening wear. “The pleasure is mine,”
he murmured, his voice clipped and deep and oh-so-British. Taking her gloved hand, he brought it briefly to the lush
heat of his finely drawn lips.

Such an extravagant mouth, on such a harsh and chiseled face.

As he lifted his head, their gazes caught and held. For a moment, she lost track of time and place. Intelligence and
loneliness radiated from the rain-washed depths of his deep blue eyes and convinced her there was far more to this
man than even Jane knew.