A Scoundrel in Gentlemen's Clothing

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The Dowager Duchess of Clayton, Clarice Sinclair, has spent her entire life doing exactly what she is supposed to. But as a young widow, she finds her options have widened dramatically. Now that she’s finally free to do whatever she likes, she decides it’s time to reconnect with the scoundrel she’d once loved.

Series & Books

Unmasking Prometheus Series

Masked Intentions

Masked Promises

Masked Desires

Dark Intentions

Dark Promises

Dark Desires

Brides of Sandal Series

Gambling on the Duke’s Daughter

Marrying the American Heiress

Finding the Black Orchid

Seducing the Spinster

Western Historical Romance

Once An Outlaw

Once A Gunslinger

Once A Bandit

Once a Mail Order Bride

Last Chance Brides

One Last Chance

Chance of a Lifetime

Love at Last

The Last Bride

Standalone Books

Fortune’s Gamble

Queen of May Day

A Knight in Atlantis

Once a Pirate

A Scoundrel in Gentlemen’s Clothing



Passionate Historical Romance Novels

"Diana Bold writes truly lovely historical romances. I loved Gambling on the Duke's Daughter and I'm so glad it's the first in a series. I enjoyed my reading time with these characters and hope to spend more time with them."

"A wonderful story with one of my favorite tropes, mail order brides but this on also includes a second chance at love. Logan and Charlotte were in love and about to be married when he deserts her one week before the event."

"I'm always a sucker for second chance romances so I thought I'd give this story a shot. I've only read one other book by Ms. Bold (Masked Intentions) and I liked ONE LAST CHANCE a little bit more that that one, although they are admittedly two different types entirely. "


First book in the UNMASKING PROMETHEUS Series