Last Chance Brides Series

One Last Chance

Last Chance Brides Book 1

When Charlotte answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride, the last thing she expects is that the man who placed it is Logan, her former fiancé who had jilted her long ago. He’s come to New Orleans on behalf of the men of Last Chance, a booming town in the Washington Territory, but he doesn’t intend to leave without the woman he’s never been able to forget.

Charlotte decides to board the ship headed for Last Chance, determined to make a new life for herself, far away from the war-ravaged South, but she has no intention of falling for Logan once again. Can Logan change her mind during the long voyage north, or will she marry someone else once they arrive?

Chance of a Lifetime

Last Chance Brides Book 2

When Joshua Blake travels to New Orleans to recruit two dozen mail-order brides to travel back to the booming town of Last Chance in the Washington Territory, he never intends to marry one of them himself. He doesn’t believe in marriage and doesn’t believe he’d make a good husband.

Hannah McLean is a former Civil War nurse who is determined to leave the war-torn South behind and excited to start over in a place that’s fresh and new. However, the first time she sets eyes on the handsome logging magnate, she knows no one else will do. She comes up with a foolproof way to make sure he’s the groom she ends up with.

But will her unwillingness to settle for anyone else ensure that she ends up alone?

Love At Last

Last Chance Brides Book 3

Vivian Arceneaux was the spoiled daughter of one of New Orleans’ wealthiest families. However, the Civil War changed all that. Destitute and alone, she decides to answer an ad for mail order brides and boards a ship for the Washington Territory.

Cole Latimer is the second son of an English nobleman. He’s come to America to prove himself in a place where titles do not matter. He’s looking for a woman who will want him for himself, not just his father’s title and money.

Vivian is determined to win Cole because he represents the safety and comfort she lost. Cole is enchanted by Vivian’s beauty. But what happens when they find themselves wed and realize that the other’s motives are not what they’d thought?

The Last Bride

Last Chance Brides Book 4

Lilly Scott has bravely traveled to the Washington Territory with the other Last Chance Brides. But she is on the run from her past, and she can’t tell anyone her secrets.

Garrett Monroe is still mourning his wife who died in childbirth and the last thing he wanted was a new bride. But his friends don’t listen, and now he feels honor-bound to marry the girl they’ve brought back for him.

Lilly and Garrett are the last two people to be matched. Can they shed their tragic pasts and find love with each other?



Passionate Historical Romance Novels

"This a wholesome, loving, charming, and romantic story. It’s well written and easy to read. I look forward to reading more of this author’s books."

"The characters and their situations kept the story moving at a nice pace and was just the right length. It was a nice change to other Mail Bride versions which sounded plausible. The hint of some of the other girl’s pasts is a nice lure to keep reading the series.."

"I loved the idea of gathering brave young women and traveling west. The plot was a good idea. "


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