Other Books By Diana

Fortnue's Gamble

Fortunes of Fate Book 3

Christian Barnes never meant to steal his half-brother’s identity, but when Major Andrew Bradford, Viscount Trowbridge, falls at Waterloo, Christian grabs his chance at the life he should have had as his father’s oldest son. He and Andrew could have been twins, and he knows he’ll get better care for his own wounds as a major than a private. The masquerade is so successful, he continues it once he returns to England. However, he hadn’t prepared for Rebecca Davenport, the fiancee Andrew had left behind.

Lady Rebecca Davenport immediately realizes that Andrew has returned to her a different man. She just isn’t quite sure if it’s the years he’s spent at war that have changed him. But as her suspicions grow, she realizes that the changes are welcome. This man is much better than the one she used to know. But can she hold her tongue and actually marry this imposter?

A Scoundrel in Gentlemen's Clothing

Wicked Widows' League Book 6

The Dowager Duchess of Clayton, Clarice Sinclair, has spent her entire life doing exactly what she is supposed to. But as a young widow, she finds her options have widened dramatically.

Now that she’s finally free to do whatever she likes, she decides it’s time to reconnect with the scoundrel she’d once loved.

A Knight in Atlantis

When Sebastian of Hawkesmere returns from the Crusades he becomes a recluse, locking himself away in an enchanted tower, dabbling in alchemy and magic. When his brother captures a beautiful woman with a satchel full of amazing instruments, Sebastian is enlisted to help discern their purpose and discover where she came from. Rhoswen of Atlantis is unlike anyone Sebastian has ever known. Will the answers he seeks shatter his beliefs and force him to choose between love and duty?

Return to Atlantis

When Trevelan of Atlantis attempts to rescue his companion Rhoswen from the Surface barbarians who have captured her, he finds himself imprisoned as well. When it appears Rhoswen has turned against him, he must rely on the help of an unlikely ally.

Miranda of Hawksmere is a healer, and when she nurses the handsome stranger back to health, she can’t help but be sensitive to his plight. At great risk to herself, she helps him escape.

All Trevelan wants is to return to Atlantis, but Rhoswen has taken his only way of getting home, and he once more has to turn to Miranda for help. Will the magic of his world save or destroy her?

Queen of May Day

A fateful kiss. A stolen letter. Falling for the wrong man has never felt so right…
Daisy Weatherby cannot remember a time she wasn’t in love with Flynn Hollister. When the dashing young soldier writes to her older sister, she steals his letter and writes him back herself, setting off a chain of unstoppable events that will ultimately change her fate forever.

During the five years, he has been stationed overseas, Flynn Hollister has looked forward to letters from Daisy’s sister. But when he returns home, wounded and weary, he is shocked to learn that the eldest Weatherby sister is married to his older brother.

Furious and heartsick, Flynn believes himself betrayed by the woman he loves. Now Daisy must find a way to confess she is the author of the letters he so treasured. Will Flynn see the woman he fell in love with is standing right before him? Or will Flynn’s wounded heart keep Daisy from experiencing the passionate love she has kindled for so many years?

Once a Pirate

A broken bond…
Talon Montgomery has no reason to love his family. The illegitimate son of a wealthy earl, ignored by his father and out of touch with his brother, he has made his own way in the world as a privateer. When he is arrested for piracy, he desperately reaches out to the earl for help, only to be offered a devil’s bargain: Seduce his brother’s wife in exchange for the lives of his crew.

A neglected bride…
Lady Katherine Sutcliff has been married to Talon’s brother for two years yet has never spent a night in his bed. Unhappy and isolated, Katherine never expects her father-in-law to go so far as to barter her to his illegitimate son in order to produce an heir.

When she reluctantly finds herself on a voyage to America with her husband and his brother, Katherine finds herself in the middle of a dangerous game with no idea that she is about to lose something far more precious than her virtue.

A borrowed wife…
When Talon agrees to entice his brother’s wife, he never expects to wind up fighting for her heart. Now Talon’s carefully constructed plans are about to come tumbling down, for God help him, the unthinkable is occurring—he’s falling in love.
Although her husband’s false vows have already dashed her dreams, Katherine instinctively trusts his brother. But as the beguiling pirate wreaks havoc on her—body, mind, and soul—what will happen when Talon’s deception is uncovered?
And what if Talon refuses to relinquish his borrowed bride, no matter what the cost?



Passionate Historical Romance Novels

"Diana writes emotionally charged novels anyone who loves romance will enjoy. She gives a fresh take on a story with just as much passion and love as you would expect from a "standard" romance. However, there is nothing standard about this book. Nothing stale or predictable."

"This book caught me off guard, it is nowhere near my normal genre. It had been recommended to me by fellow readers and a good number of family members. I have to admit that I could not put it down. I was a virgin to the historical romance novels and in no way did I think I could appreciate a story about a pirate but Ms. Bold you have proved me wrong and earned yourself a new reader. I really enjoyed the slow burn romance. I constantly had a cheesy grin on my face, the characters, the story, it was simply wonderful. I would recommend this to anyone who loves historical romances and even if you don’t think it’s for you give this one a shot. You won’t be sorry. "

"This romance story was a classic read for me. As a teen, I use to delve into romance novels in between classes at college. I loved the romance and the time period. So when I saw this book recently I had to grab it."


First book in the UNMASKING PROMETHEUS Series