Unmasking Prometheus

Book 6 Release Date: 11/08/2022

Masked Intentions

Unmasking Prometheus Book 1

Adrian Strathmore is a reclusive genius by day. However, by night, he is a masked avenger named Prometheus, rescuing unfortunate children from lives of prostitution.

Horribly burned as a child, he loves the anonymity of his mask. Vanessa Bourke, the famous actress, is fascinated by both Adrian Strathmore, who throws flowers at her feet but remains in the shadows, and Prometheus, the masked man who shows up in her flat in the middle of the night with a small boy he’s saved.

When she discovers they are one and the same, she begs him to unmask himself, to no avail. He is willing to lose her forever rather than trust her to love him despite his scars.

Frustrated, she blackmails Adrian into marrying her, ruining his trust. Will he ever believe she’s come to love the man behind the mask?

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Masked Promises

Unmasking Prometheus Book 2

When Lucien Strathmore, the Earl of Hawkesmere, sets out to find his abducted little sister, he finds the woman he’d once loved instead.

Serenity Pratt had been the gamekeeper’s daughter, and they’d spent one magical summer together, but then she’d disappeared without a trace.

Now, she’s back in his life and he must deal with the tragedy she’s been hiding. In order to solve the mystery that tore them apart, he must take up the mask of Prometheus, the masked avenger he and his brothers created to deal with their troubled childhood. But what he finds forces him to make an untenable decision.

Masked Desires

Unmasking Prometheus Book 3

The last of the Strathmore brothers, Morgan, who lost his wife at the hands of the Earl of Winters, retreats into his art where he once found solace.

But when the masked vigilante, Prometheus, returns to prowl the darkest corners of the East End, Morgan discovers that neither of his brothers is behind the mask.

Perplexed by this new Prometheus and determined to get to the bottom of this mystery, his search for the daring imposter leads him to Fiona Bohannan, who runs the orphanage where Prometheus takes the rescued children.

Fiona won’t reveal Prometheus’s identity, but Morgan finds purpose in helping Fiona and the children.

By day, Fiona is the caring headmistress of the orphanage. By night, she secretly dons the mask and cape to continue the work of Prometheus.

Dodging Morgan’s questions, she tells him so many lies that it soon becomes impossible to tell him the truth. As the sparks fly between them, she continues to play her dangerous game in order to rescue innocent children from a terrible fate. But when she is captured, déjà vu rears its ugly head.

Will Morgan lose the new love of his life as well, or will the Strathmore brothers band together to defeat the evil Earl of Winters, once and for all?

Dark Promises

Unmasking Prometheus Book 4

Lady Allison Croft has vowed never to wed. An heiress in her own right, she is determined not to let any man have power over herself or her money. She’s convinced herself she can be happy living a quiet life doing charitable works. But when Polly, a former prostitute she’s trying to help, is brutally murdered, her entire world is turned upside down.

Inspector Quinn O’Brien has long been fascinated by the beautiful heiress he rescued. For years, he’s managed to put his attraction for her aside and focus on his career, but when he’s he starts to investigate Polly’s murder, fate throws him and Lady Allison together time and again.

As they explore London’s seedy underbelly together, the desire between them flares high. But how can a lady and a police inspector ever build a life together?

Dark Intentions

Unmasking Prometheus Book 5

Lady Jocelyn Layton is a young, widow who has no intention of ever marrying again. Her elderly husband left her completely independent, but her short marriage left her perfectly content to be alone. However, when her sister Evelyn goes missing, she is forced to turn to the one man who makes her pulse race.

Inspector Sebastian Ness is trying to catch a serial killer, and he has no time to track down the whereabouts of a spoiled society lady, even if the most beautiful woman he’s ever known is the one asking for his help. However, when it becomes clear that Jocelyn’s sister might be yet another of the madman’s victims, he is forced to work closely with her to find out what Evelyn knew before the killer strikes again.

Dark Desires

Unmasking Prometheus Book 6

When Mandrake Blackstone, the assistant police commissioner, begins to suspect that his older brother, Viscount Danbury, is the notorious killer The Viper, he is determined to bring him to justice. But Drake has no proof, and one can’t just arrest a member of the ton without being certain. But when he is trapped in an explosion with lovely Heather Fields, he begins to question everything, including the code of ethics that was once so clear to him.



Passionate Historical Romance Novels

"Diana Bold writes truly lovely historical romances. I loved Gambling on the Duke's Daughter and I'm so glad it's the first in a series. I enjoyed my reading time with these characters and hope to spend more time with them."

"A wonderful story with one of my favorite tropes, mail order brides but this on also includes a second chance at love. Logan and Charlotte were in love and about to be married when he deserts her one week before the event."

"I'm always a sucker for second chance romances so I thought I'd give this story a shot. I've only read one other book by Ms. Bold (Masked Intentions) and I liked ONE LAST CHANCE a little bit more that that one, although they are admittedly two different types entirely. "


First book in the UNMASKING PROMETHEUS Series