Masked Intentions – Unmasking Prometheus Book 1

Adrian Strathmore is a reclusive genius by day. However, by night, he is a masked avenger named Prometheus, rescuing unfortunate children from lives of prostitution. Horribly burned as a child, he loves the anonymity of his mask. Vanessa Bourke, the famous actress, is fascinated by both Adrian Strathmore, who throws flowers at her feet but remains in the shadows, and Prometheus, the masked man who shows up in her flat in the middle of the night with a small boy he’s saved. When she discovers they are one and the same, she begs him to unmask himself, to no avail. He is willing to lose her forever rather than trust her to love him despite his scars. Frustrated, she blackmails Adrian into marrying her, ruining his trust. Will he ever believe she’s come to love the man behind the mask? A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Masked Promises – Unmasking Prometheus Book 2

When Lucien Strathmore, the Earl of Hawkesmere, sets out to find his abducted little sister, he finds the woman he’d once loved instead. Serenity Pratt had been the gamekeeper’s daughter, and they’d spent one magical summer together, but then she’d disappeared without a trace. Now, she’s back in his life and he must deal with the tragedy she’s been hiding. In order to solve the mystery that tore them apart, he must take up the mask of Prometheus, the masked avenger he and his brothers created to deal with their troubled childhood. But what he finds forces him to make an untenable decision.

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