Once An Outlaw – A Novella

When widowed Bethany Sinclair boards the stagecoach to Texas, she finds
herself sharing the ride with a dangerous outlaw and the marshal who is
returning him to justice. But when a winter blizzard sends the stagecoach
tumbling into a ravine, the driver and the marshal are killed and she must
trust the outlaw.

Zach Price knows he might never get another chance to make his escape,
but he can’t abandon his lovely companion to certain death. They take
shelter in a cave, and as the storm rages outside Bethany receives the best
Christmas present of her life – an outlaw’s love.

Once A Gunslinger 

When Tristan Kane chose to fight for the Confederacy, he never dreamed he’d
face his twin brother on the battlefield, or that his brother would die by his
hand. Haunted by guilt and grief, he leaves the girl he loves behind and
travels west to make his living with his guns.

But when he meets Savannah McKenzie again, a decade later, she sees past
the hardened gunslinger he’s become, remembering the tender young man
she fell in love with. Will her secrets give him the hope he needs, or destroy
him forever?

Once A Bandit – A Novella

When heavily pregnant Susannah Barrett finds a wounded man on her ranch, she has no choice but to take him home with her to give him time to heal. Josh Morgan has no memory of the bank robbery or dangerous gang he was a part of, When he wakes up and finds a beautiful woman in the throes of labor, he assumes she’s his wife. Susannah finds herself drawn into a dangerous web of lies as she continues to let the beautiful stranger believe he is her husband, Caleb, a worthless gambler who actually abandoned her and then was killed a few months later. But Josh’s memories are bound to return, and when they do, will he forgive her or leave her, too?

Once A Mail Order Bride 

Luke Chandler has been pushing people away ever since he was permanently injured during the war. Tired of seeing him alone, his interfering brother orders him a mail order bride. Widowed Sarah Montgomery answers the ad, only to discover that the last thing Luke wants is a wife. Stranded at his remote Colorado home, she’s forced to accept his reluctant hospitality. Soon she realizes that there’s more to this brooding stranger than she ever imagined. Can she convince him that the last thing he ever wanted is the one thing he needs most?

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